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the ultimate final adventure

Scatter ashes in space

When nowhere on Earth feels grand enough...

When an exceptional person passes away, they deserve to be remembered and celebrated in an exceptional way. But picking the right location to scatter a loved one's ashes can be a fraught process at a time of grief.

..choose the ultimate adventure

 Aura Flights scatters each passenger's ashes over 100,000 feet above the Earth in the inky blackness of space.
Here, they spread out to travel around the entire planet for 3–6 months, before finally settling all across the globe as rainfall and snowflakes to become one with nature again.
It's the ultimate final adventure for a life well-lived, all for less than the price of a traditional funeral service.

What our clients say

The Aura Flights team were caring and professional, keeping me and my family updated every step of the way. It was a beautiful send-off we can cherish in the future.

Rupert Grint

Sunset over Earth from space with the setting sun, space above and Earth below

How does it work?

Our passengers travel in a spacecraft lifted by a hydrogen-filled stratospheric balloon. When the craft reaches 100,000 feet (32,500 metres) above the Earth, the intelligent scatter vessel at the heart of the craft opens to release the ashes in a gentle cascade. We scatter the full complement of ashes, with each flight dedicated to a single passenger or couple.


Over the following 6 months, the passenger's ashes traverse the entire planet, spreading out to cover every corner of the globe. In time, they descend into the upper atmosphere, mingle with pockets of water vapour, and finally return to the Earth as raindrops and snowflakes.


The spacecraft is equipped with two space-capable 4K cameras, which film the launch, ascent and moment of release. Following the flight, we transform the footage into a personalised memorial video for friends and family, incorporating photographs, written messages and video clips from the passenger's life.

Aura Flights scatter vessel ascending to space through golden clouds at sunrise

Always safe

Detailed climate simulation systems, live-tracking technology and full regulatory compliance guarantee that passengers and public alike will be safe.

Environmentally conscious

Our majestic planet deserves to be cared for. Find out about our renewable hydrogen lift gas, biodegradable balloons and planet-friendly manufacturing methods.

For you, for them, for us

Want to scatter the ashes of a loving couple? No problem. We can commemorate a beloved pet as well. You can even plan your own final launch with comprehensive financing options.

Aura Flights team releasing a sactter vessel

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The heart of Aura Flights are our passengers. Share their stories on our dedicated memorial pages, created to honour their lives.

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