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Adrian Dale Rudwick

Adrian Dale Rudwick


September 2021

“Journey well and fair winds, traveller, friend and brother”

On September 3rd, 2021, Adrian Dale Rudwick’s ashes were scattered with Aura flights. Adrian, or Alan, was known by many as a humble, kind, and brave soul, always looking on the bright side of life, and always keen for an adventure.
According to Jess, his “generous spirit will never be dimmed”. Alongside friends and family, numerous travelling companions the world over offered loving words in his memory - Peter Goosen and Gary Walker from Cape Town, as well as others closer to home and in London.
Even though Adrian, or Alan, was the oldest child of nine, his family have said of him “we cannot remember a single occasion when you were unfair to the rest of us, or unwilling to offer help or advise, even though we were probably driving you mad!”, testimony to just how wonderful a character he truly was.
Adrian was a keen sailor who clearly felt at home by the sea. Bruce Hartley, a close friend, provided a beautiful message about their connection, filled with memories of friendship and odes to the ocean - “I am always grateful to have shared those days with you and to have lived the memories also. From boilersuits and clumpy boats at Portishead, turning our hand to any trade, raising those inspired masts, your barbecue marinade sauce (made with apricot jam and other ingredients I wish I knew) I’ve not had better. Running aground on a sandbank, epic battles in the Irish Sea, stitching more ripped sails on deck, the helm coming free and finally taming the emergency roller by lashing it and cranking it on the winches. I think we finally made it into port with the handle of a tin opener!”
It is clear that in his 67 years, Adrian Dale Rudwick touched the minds and hearts of many in his orbit. On September 3rd it was time for Adrian to adventure to new territory as his ashes made their way 100,000 feet into the stratosphere, allowing for Adrian to finally make it into space. We compiled a video for Adrian’s loved one’s to the chosen tune of John Williams’ Cavatina to commemorate the launch and his life.

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