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Jonathon Holland

Jonathon Holland


February 2024

Jonathon Day Holland
19th December 1956 – 7th November 2023

A kind, calm, deep thinker with a powerful mind – both engineer and artist.
A lover of surrealist, black humour with eclectic musical tastes, which he stealthily imparted to and influenced his mother, sisters and children.
A passion for peaceful fishing and high-octane motor racing with an encyclopaedic knowledge of anything that captured his interest.
And a glider pilot, soaring with birds but always looking beyond our skies, seeking to unravel and understand the mysteries of the infinite space that surrounds us.
As the gentle son, the off-beat brother and the comforting, supportive parent, who was both father and best friend; your quiet, patient, capable presence is deafening by its absence.
The greatest farewell we can give you, is to send you into the stars that so captivated you.
Soar free eternally and carry all our love with you.

“We are made of star-stuff. Our bodies are made of star-stuff.

There are pieces of star within us all.” Carl Sagan

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