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Marek Moch

Marek Moch


March 2020

"Even though the world as we know it lost their brightest star, please don’t stay sad."

Marek Moch was a young, passionate man with a big heart, always eager to help others. He was born and raised in Poland on May 5th, 1986 in a small town called Wodzislaw Slaski.

Marek always knew how to brighten the day of those around him and no matter the circumstances, he was full of energy.

He spent the last 10 years of his life in UK, where he lived his life to the fullest with his beloved fiancé. He was always surrounded by people who loved him and even in his darkest hours he was there for them, making sure they are okay.

Marek was a people person and that’s why he was amazing at being an HR Associate Partner. He changed life of so many on his path and he will be missed by all who had the pleasure of meeting him.

He was passionate about the art of aviation. He invested his time and talent into becoming a licensed drone pilot and had begun to create beautiful videos that will stay with us forever, just as the memories we shared with him will stay in our hearts.

Marek’s family and friends called him Sunshine. The sun is the only thing that could compare to his warm character and dazzling smile. No wonder his last wish was to scatter his ashes around the globe, where he can look after his loved ones and bring them comfort when we look up to the sky and see the beautiful sun.

Even though the world as we know it lost their brightest star, please don’t stay sad.

Remember Marek at his best.
Remember the way he made you smile.
Remember how much he loved you.

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