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July 2022

A trip to the stars, from the heart of our Sheffield launch grounds. Watch as we travel high into the clouds above, the roads latticed below as green pastures roll on and on into the distance. A spectacular journey to commemorate some spectacular folk.

Our Voyager launch vehicle is specially designed to protect and carry the small vials of ashes from our clients in a safe, secure way. The ashes of each passenger are contained separately, and the onboard camera films the unique view on their memorial space flight.


Our Voyager launches give people an opportunity to send a ceremonial portion of ashes into space to commemorate a loved one. We created the Voyager launch service in response to a huge number of requests from people who wanted to celebrate the life of someone who had passed with a space launch, but didn’t want to release their ashes.


In some cases, these were motivated by religious concerns about splitting up ashes; in others, we were talking to those who wanted to fulfil a loved one’s wishes of travelling into space, without having to say goodbye before they were truly ready. By creating a commemorative space flight service which carries a symbolic amount of the ashes into space and returns them, we’re able to offer a price that’s accessible to almost everyone of just £495.


It sounds incredible that you can send ashes into space for £495, and we think that’s the way it should be: incredible. However you choose to celebrate the life of a loved one, we hope it’s an unforgettable reflection of their unique character.

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